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Since 2014 I have been involved in the Sex Workers' Opera as a cast member but also taking some pictures for the 2016 edition at the Pleasnace Theatre.

The Sex Workers Opera gave me the opportunity to sing to my sorrows and to find joy in my own journey.

Breaking through stigma and stereotypes, the Sex Worker's Opera is a multimedia production written and performed by Sex Worker artists and their friends.

With music spanning Opera to ‘Hip-Hopera’, incorporating sound art, projections and poetry, it offers an unflinchingly honest, upliftingly human insight into the lives of Sex Workers around the world.

 In these images:

Model: Melina.

The picture was curated by Experimental Experience and shot by me.


To watch a documentary of the Opera on three members of the Opera:

You can watch a video of our last run show, in Amsterdam 2018, coinciding with 2018 HIV conference here.

“You say that sex is all you see, well then I think you see me in 2D because the actual reality is a mosaic blur – a tapestry.” – Anon. Sex Worker

Currently there are no shows coming up and the next step would be to make a film but this is till a work in progress.

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