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East London

Between January 2014 til mid 2017, I was very involved in the East London Strippers Colective from the day of its creation, in Bethnal Green (East London).

These pictures are a short selection of the large collection I managed to collect photographing our self organised parties over the period of over three years. 

Together, we self organised parties, talks, attended demonstrations and created a two week festival at the Red Gallery, in Shoreditch, called The Art of Stripping that I curated and co-organised an openning night cabaret.

Raed article written by Frankie Mullen, here


We also organised a funeral for an emblematic strip club, run by three generations of women, that was closing down due to gentrification. You can read and see more pictures about it here and here. Watch a video here.

More articles with some of my captures, here.

Our collective was also documented by photographer Julie Cook who featured some members of our collective and was presented at the Photographers Gallery, in central London.

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