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Diario Infernal is a selction of my personal erotic photohraphy, dating from 2005 until; around 2015. These pictures are a mix of the fetish parties I went, people I met in the fetish world and some snaps from the strip clubs and peep shows I used to work. Some of these images are personal moments from friends and lovers.

These pictures got shortlisted and got exhibited at the International Day of Sex Workers celebrated in Barcelona on 2nd of June 2016. They are part of the series of the video on the left column called Diario Infernal


Check the video, that was shown at the Art of Stripping Festival at the Red Gallery, Shoreditch (London) in October 2016 and at the collective exhibition Hartos de Sexo, in Valencia 2015.

Trigger warning: some images display explicit nudes and bdsm practices.

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